Our Nitric Oxide Technology

Nitric oxide is a volatile, short-lived molecule continuously produced by the body and is critical to regulating blood flow, driving the immune response, accelerating healing, and fighting infections.

When administered at high doses, NO is a potent, anti-microbial, effective against fungi, bacteria, and viruses, and unlike all other treatments, remains unaffected by antimicrobial resistance. Unfortunately, when administered as a gas at these doses, it degrades into highly toxic by-products which can produce serious complications and limit its usefulness.

30 Technology has created a revolutionary new platform technology that safely and reliably generates sustained high dose NO on the tissue surface and harnesses the therapeutic benefits of NO to treat a variety of diseases. The technology is highly flexible and has been incorporated into gels, liquids, powders and aerosolised solutions that safely deliver NO to the target tissues across a huge variety of indications, doses and forms.