Thirty Group launches 30Innovation and completes first transaction

Oct 4, 2019

Thirty Holdings announces the formation of 30Innovation, a wholly owned subsidiary to advance early stage research in biomaterial innovation and new modalities to harness 30Technology™ across Regenerative Medicine, Respiratory and Infectious Disease. 30Innovation is advancing a number of collaborative research and development programs with leading research institutions across our ecosystem globally.

30Innovation’s first transaction is a worldwide licensing and partnering agreement providing exclusive access to a next-generation small-chamber storage and delivery technology with broad potential for in-the-body slow release. An accelerated development program to explore this novel technology is planned. 

Syd Hanna, Group Executive Director, commented: “As a business we are continually presented with new opportunities to develop the application of nitric oxide into novel, innovative directions. We formed 30Innovation with the aim of housing such early stage research under one roof and are excited to uncover where these opportunities might take us. Our first transaction gives us access to an exciting new delivery technology and may have significant applications for the delivery of drug candidates in partnership with pharmaceutical companies.”

30 TECHNOLOGY is developing and defining new models of care to treat many serious medical conditions by enhancing the body’s healing and defence mechanisms.

30 TECHNOLOGY Therapeutic Nitric Oxide